Thank-you for choosing Island Time Trading Company/Travel Division. We are
a fully accredited, bonded, financially secure travel agency. We have been
dealing in Caribbean, all-inclusive travel vacations, for nearly 20 years now. 

Our goal here at Island Time has always been to provide for you a "no hassles",
no problems vacation experience. We have visited all the resorts - - we have
met with the staffs and managements - - we have sampled all the dining 
experiences - - and have even tried one or two of the tropical drinks offered
at all the wonderful bars at the resorts!!!

We have taken the dive trips - - tried a tennis lesson - - enjoyed the sunset
catamaran trips - - - in other words - - - we have tried to experience 
everything each of our resorts offers. What this does for us is give us a
first hand education to help you plan the perfect vacation getaway. No 
reading from a brochure here - - we are ready to fill you in on anything
and everything to get you ready for your next Caribbean vacation.

No high pressure sales tactics - - no calling you (unless you ask us) - 
no bait and switch. We let the "other guys" take that route - - - 
We know how important your vacation is to you - - and we want to
make the entire experience fun, easy, and of course safe!!! 

Internal controls prevent us from using your funds until your return
date. Your payment is protected and hotel and airlines and ground 
suppliers will be paid in full before you travel. Your data and
credit card information is protected by the most stringent, secure,
encryption technology available. You can use our secure forms or
call us toll free to speak with one of our staff directly. Also your
information is private and will never be shared with any other company.

Last - - we try very hard to bring you the best prices, best
information, and the best "no hassles" staff found anywhere on
the web. Our motto here at Island Time is the same as the song
goes - - "Don't worry - - about a thing - - - "








Your all-inclusive, tropical island, family/adult only, vacation experts.

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